Global Progress for Women report

We believe that when women embrace their potential, they can start a ripple effect of positive change for the people around them, especially other women. But gender inequality persists, and this continues to have a negative impact on their experiences. ​

The Global Progress for Women Report was first launched in 2023 to synthesise date from our own multimarket research and contracts with findings from various, reputable institutions, to explore the sources of inequality, how the current social landscape affects equity, barriers to female entrepreurship and the ability for women to make choices for themselves. ​

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Key areas of inequality for women

Our 2024 Global Progress for Women Report has shown a reversal in the progress of gender equality. The 2024 report repeats our research commissioned in seven markets across the world in 2023 to track and monitor how much women feel progress is being made year on year. This year, including an additional piece of research to understand the extent to which women feel empowered to thrive in safe spaces in work and in or outside the home. ​


89% of women think stereotypes are a barrier to equal opportunity. ​

29% of women feel they aren’t able to make financial decisions without the permission of a male partner.

69% of women feel  prejudice from employers about what roles are deemed more suitable.

We’re not just speaking out in the face of these challenges: we’re seizing them as opportunities to shine bright and champion every woman’s right to equality, safety and the pursuit of realising her full potential. ​

Together, we can turn every reversal into a milestone of progress.​

The 2024 research was conducted by Census wide with 7000 women across UK, Italy, Romania, Poland, Philippines, Turkey and South Africa between, 12.12.2023 – 18.12.2023. ​

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