Global News | Oct 13, 2020

Brand new: The brains behind Avon’s brand refresh, Natalie Deacon

Natalie Deacon

Welcome to Brand New: the interview series introducing you to the masterminds behind our new brand positioning. This team of brand masters are sharing their stories; how their work has helped transform Avon’s brand so we can become the one that no one saw coming. #WatchMeNow

Episode 2: Natalie Deacon, global brand purpose leader

Firstly Natalie, what is brand purpose?

At Avon, purpose is about mobilising our network of Representatives to help create positive change in our communities. Supporting issues that matter to our Representatives and customers runs through our DNA – we’ve been standing up for what we believe in for 135 years. 

A great example is breast health awareness. Early detection saves lives, and our focus is to make sure everyone knows the signs, the risks and how to take action.  Through our network we can change behaviour – we can share information and encourage behaviour that will save lives.

Is this different from what Avon’s done before?

Avon has done an amazing job of cause marketing – of raising and donating funds. Over $1.1bn raised and donated to NGOs. But there’s so much more we can do to engage our Reps and customers – to ignite purpose, to live and breathe it. Ultimately, anyone picking up a brochure or interacting with us digitally should never be able to miss that we support these causes, and should see a clear call to action on how to get involved – whether that’s sharing content about a domestic violence helpline or remembering to check their boobs.

Why are you focusing on women?

Avon is open to all – regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or any other factor. We’re a beauty democracy – we celebrate beauty in all its forms.  And we’re doubling down on our inclusion agenda across the organisation. 95% of our Reps and customers are women – and we have a rich heritage in supporting the issues that matter to them.  Breast Cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer in women, and we’ve raised and donated over $900m for breast cancer charities and funded over 200m screenings.  We’re pioneers in tackling gender violence – which will impact one in three women in their lifetime.

Why is it important that Avon calls out being a purpose-driven brand?

The expectation on companies to address the problems of people and planet has accelerated massively this year.  It’s about giving people a reason to join and a reason to stay but it’s also about doing the right thing.  We’re proud to be a part of the solution and contribute positively to our communities on the issues that matter to our Reps and customers.

How can we all get involved?

The easiest way to get involved is to back our campaigns, share content on social media.  Moments like Breast Cancer Awareness Month offer an ideal moment to share posts about the importance of breast health awareness and start a conversation with your friends and loved ones.

Let’s finish with a little bit about you … have you ever been the underdog or been underestimated? What’s your Watch Me Now story?

I always get goosebumps at the line in the WMN film that says ‘I am the single mum who raised two degrees’ – because that’s what my mum did for my brother and me.