Global News | Aug 13, 2019

“I’m passionate about Avon’s role in making a positive impact on the world,” says CEO Jan Zijderveld, as Avon releases latest Responsible Business Report

Avon latest Responsible Business Report

In a landmark year, where business’ environment and social impact came into even sharper focus than previously, Avon is delighted to share its latest Responsible Business Report detailing its commitment to making a positive social and environmental impact.

The Beauty of Doing Good highlights some of Avon’s responsible business initiatives, including new builds on its social impact programmes and progress towards its environmental goals.

From eliminating PVC packaging from all finished beauty products to increasing its recycling rate to 93% and introducing an e-brochure in 55 markets to reduce paper use, Avon made solid strides forward in 2018. The business is already working towards new environmental targets, including a new commitment to improve the environmental impact of its packaging.

The Beauty of Doing Good also details Avon’s dedication to the health, safety and wellbeing of third-party supply chain workers worldwide, and its long-standing and unwavering contribution to improving women’s health, safety and economic participation globally.

“Avon has been making a positive social impact for over 130 years since we first created the opportunity for our Representatives to set up their own beauty enterprises. I’m proud that we continue to build on this with the launch of #stand4her, our vision to build a better planet for women, through women. We’re opening up a sustainable future for Avon – a profitable, growing company and one that supports a sustainable future for our world. This is the time to double-down on our efforts as we harness our purpose to be a force for good.”

Jan Zijderveld, Avon’s Chief Executive Officer

Be the Company for Women

Avon has been supporting its Representatives to achieve success on their own terms since 1886. Championing, driving and enabling women’s economic participation is baked into the business’s DNA; it is Avon’s ‘why’ and its ‘how’. The new ‘Open Up’ Avon strategy and stand4her project are further propelling Avon’s support for Representatives and women worldwide.

2018 highlights include:


Manage environmental impact

Avon has made significant strides towards its 2020 environmental goals, making excellent progress in many areas including packaging and paper use, which are detailed in the report. In transforming into a modern, relevant Avon, the business is committed to making a positive contribution to the planet and reducing its environmental footprint. It is now setting new environmental targets, including a further commitment to improve the environmental impact of its packaging.

2018 highlights include:

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 15.4%
  • Increased recycling rate to 93%
  • Eliminated PVC packaging in all finished beauty products
  • 91% of brochure paper met the Paper Promise goal
  • Launched a mobile and e-interactive shoppable brochure and rolled it out in 55 markets, significantly reducing paper use.


Operate responsibly

Avon is focused on acting responsibly both internally and throughout its supply chain, in every area – right through from product ingredients, to the health, safety and wellbeing of employees and workers in the third-party supply chain. It strives to create an inclusive and diverse culture, is proud to be a great place to work, and promotes integrity at all times, with an unwavering focus on ethics and compliance.

2018 highlights include:

  • Original signatories of the UN Standards of Conduct for Business to tackle discrimination against LGBTQIA+ people
  • Named Top Employers in 2018 in Poland, South Africa and the Czech Republic
  • Over 99.5% completion rate for online Ethics and Compliance training received by 1,200 new Associates joining Avon
  • Conducted 658 supplier audits as part of the social responsibility monitoring programme
  • Recorded only 48 safety incidents worldwide.
You can read the full report here.