Top beauty tips for summer 2021 Aug 2, 2021

Top beauty tips for summer 2021

Top beauty tips for summer 2021

Ever wondered what goes on at press events? What questions to the journalists ask? How do they stay in know about the latest trends? Well, we went inside one of our recent press launches with some key journalists and influencers in Russia to find out.

The event was about three key new products: ANEW Hydra Pro Vita-D Cream Avon Ultra Lipstick and Advance Techniques Absolute Nourishment Treatment Serum . A panel of experts introduced the media and influencers to each product and the science and insight behind it, and then held a Q&A to learn more.

We’ve shared some of the questions that were asked of the expert panel and of course, their answers, so we can all be in the know and embrace our own style this summer.



What are the key make-up trends this summer?

We will see a return to colour but it might not be as we expect. It might be in the crease or as an eyeliner instead of a straight eyeshadow for example. The great thing about make-up as we come out of this pandemic is that it’s not about one particular trend; it’s about joy. So go with what you love and express yourself!

In line with the old myth, is matte lipstick better in cold seasons?

There are no rules! Matte in summer can be beautiful too because you skin tends to be naturally dewier. A great lipstick, like Avon Ultra, can be a great cream blusher too. We all love a multi-tasking product and a creamy finish on cheeks can be perfect in warmer months.

Do you need to use a base under matte lipstick?

If you have a great quality lipstick like Avon Ultra, then no. But it is good to exfoliate your lips for a smooth, plump surface. Even just brushing with a wet toothbrush can work wonders or using a tiny bit of scrub can make all the difference.



How can we encourage hair to grow?

Healthy hair starts from the inside out – a good diet and drinking plenty of water. You can give a helping hand with a product like Avon Advance Techniques Absolute Nourishment Serum. It seeps into the hair’s cortex to strengthen each strand and help it grow longer.

Should we use serum on wet or dry hair?

There are three ways we can use serum:

- On towel dried clean hair. Evenly distribute on your palms and then smooth through from the middle to the ends.

- For a super-nourishing treatment (Advance Techniques Absolute Nourishment Serum contains Argan Oil) then every couple of weeks smooth the serum from root to tip on dry hair before washing. It’ll work as a great treatment for a glossy boost.

- You can use a tiny amount on dry hair to smooth fly aways and reduce frizz. Less is more but it really helps keep hair defined, shiny and in place.



When should you use a vitamin D product? Morning or night?

It’s best in the morning but there’s nothing to stop you wearing it at night too! Our ANEW Pro Vita-D Cream is suitable for all ages and skin types and its lightweight, oil-free formula will glide on effortlessly and absorb instantly – perfect for a morning moisture routine.

Does the amount of sunshine you get affect how a vitamin-D-fortified cream works?

No. Our cream was designed to make sure your skin can activate the right amount of vitamin D regardless of how much sunshine you get.

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