In the latest edition of our annual report, we ‘gets under the skin’ of skincare – revealing the latest trends emerging around the world in 2024.

The Future of Beauty Report: Skincare edition highlights the cultural, economic, and societal shifts affecting women’s skincare choices today. It reflects the views of 7,000 women across seven different markets and how skincare desires differ from country to country. 


"Skincare is the very foundation of a beauty routine, but there is an element of information overload out there when it comes to understanding what our skin needs. With this research, we wanted to dig deeper into what women actually need – and want – from beauty companies."

Kristof Neirynck, Avon CEO

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Skin health span

Is the quest for youth over?

According to our new research, the main reasons for using a skincare regime are health, wellbeing and hydration, with each seen as more important than anti-ageing when it comes to our skincare goals.

Globally, 97% of women use skincare to ensure they have hydrated skin and 97% for ongoing health and wellbeing. Anti-ageing is still a concern at 92% globally, but interestingly it is not the be all and end all for skincare choice.

Skincare influence

Despite the rise of influencers pushing out skincare advice and the concern that we’ve had enough of experts, more than a third of women (36%) said that a real-life dermatologist or doctor would be the person they trust most to help them best care for their skin. 

A price on beauty

As the cost of living continues to rise, the quest for value has led to “dupes” — or products that seem to replicate big names and more expensive beauty products at a much more affordable price — becoming more popular. 

While nobody is averse to a bargain, Millennials and Gen Z are spearheading the trend, with 64% of UK Gen Zs agreeing that using dupes are a good way to save money. 

Is sustainability a luxury?

Nearly two thirds (62%) of women said they would be prepared to pay more for a skincare product that was more sustainable, with women in the Philippines (77%) and South Africa (73%) leading the way. When asked for their reasoning, three-quarters of women across the globe (75%) said they believed that by paying more, they were getting a better-quality product, while 37% said that they felt by paying more they were doing something ‘good’ for the planet. 

However, there was also a very strong sense that consumers shouldn’t be footing the bill; almost half (49%) of women who said they wouldn’t pay more felt that brands should take on the cost of producing more sustainable products.

Three is the magic number

Globally, across all ages and income brackets, 63% of women prefer a slimmed down skincare regime using a maximum of three products. With more products able to multi-task these days, and serums and creams increasingly designed for usage morning and night, it’s never been easier to downsize your skincare shelf. 

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