We publish an annual report that offers a probing look at the factors shaping the world of cosmetics and thought-provoking insights on the future of beauty. 

2023 report: How Beauty is Evolving

Has the ‘mega’ beauty trend gone bust? Our latest report reveals why more subtle looks are making a comeback and how this impacts both at-home and in-clinic beauty routines. It also investigates the effects of a global economic crisis on beauty, and the celebrity looks women most aspire to

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2022 report: The power of ageing

21st Century women are stepping into their power and breaking the boundaries of what ageing really means. Our team of scientists and experts have been exploring what it really means to age in 2022 and discovering how women feel they are becoming their most authentic self in their forties and beyond.

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2021 report: The Future of Beauty in a Post-Pandemic World

As the world recovers from the onslaught of Covid, our team of experts and scientists delve into the beauty trends that have emerged from the pandemic, take a deep dive into the data supporting them and consider the future direction for the beauty industry in a post-pandemic world.

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2020 report: Menopause Too Little Information (TLI)

Menopause. We know the word. We know the basic biology – our periods stop! And we know about hot flushes! But do we know enough? No, we don’t.

To address this we created the Menopuase TLI Report. Let's start to speak up about menopause and perimenopause to help women through this time of great change.

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2019 report: Beauty, Happiness and the Rise of the ‘Perfectly Me’

An exciting cultural snapshot of our perspective on beauty, including new thoughts around women, happiness and ever-evolving attitudes to beauty.

Here you can read a series of blog posts highlighting the key findings of our 2019 report, as well as download the full whitepaper.

2018 report: Beauty, The Future and The Power of Emotions,

Looking into how future product sales will be driven by feeling rather than physical need.

Here you can read a series of blog posts highlighting the key findings of our 2018 report, as well as the full report.