Her Story is the fragrance brand that celebrates the sharing of women’s stories from around the globe, creating a chain of inspiration.

The newest scent in the range, Herstory Love Inspires, brings the sensuality of jasmine and the strength of the iris flower, warmly wrapped with the reassurance of an indulgent praline base

Today, Tomorrow, Always

This collection of timeless fragrances is designed to evoke the emotions of true love.

Each fragrance has notes of neroli, with a carefully selected bouquet of distinctive floral notes, reminding you of beautiful and poignant moments.

Avon Eve

Eve Elegance, Eve Confidence, Eve Alluring make up this trio of complementary perfumes that celebrate the many facets of a woman, expressing all that you are.

Far Away

Our bestselling fragrance; millions of women around the world consider it their glamorous signature scent.

This unique oriental floral fragrance blends exotic florals spiced with amber and musk.

Musk Marine

An authentic scent that gives a daily sense of security, assurance and confidence. Strong, clean and sharp it resembles the light reflective surface of water and the unstoppable power of the ocean.

A modern and fresh fragrance that begins with citrus and aromatic top notes and ends with a woody mossy trail.

Black Suede

A seductive, masculine scent beloved by men (and women) around the world.

It’s a classic blend of woods and greens, made irresistible with the modern feel of leather.

Full Speed Max Turbo

A unique and long-lasting blend of natural citrus and chilled spices, for those who want to feel the rise of heartbeat and the blood pressure in their veins. It leaves an exhilarating and unforgettable impression.


Made with superior ingredients, Segno has Vetiver infusion in its powerful roots. Leatherwood exudes depth and warmth, making it guaranteed to last.

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