The power in ageing

21st Century women are stepping into their power and breaking the boundaries of what ageing really means. Our team of scientists and experts have been exploring what it really means to age in 2022 and discovering how women feel they are becoming their most authentic self in their forties and beyond.

Globally, women in their forties feel more powerful (61%), more in control of their lives (66%) and more comfortable in their own skin (55%) than they did when they were younger.

It seems in 2022, turning forty really is a turning point, particularly in the wake of the pandemic. Almost three quarters of women polled agreed the pandemic has made them realise that life is fragile and getting older is something to appreciate (74%), and two thirds agree ageing is not something to fear anymore (63%).

From ‘Anti’ to ‘Authentic’ Ageing

Almost two thirds (62%) of women aged forty or above said the pandemic has made them feel confident in how they look, and almost half said the pandemic has made them want to embrace their wrinkles (49%) and grey hair (46%). This refreshing form of self-acceptance shows the need for an acceleration in the beauty industry’s move from ‘anti’ to ‘authentic’ and ‘pro’ ageing.

When it comes to skincare, only 42% of women over the age of forty feel like they have cracked their skincare regime and a third (32%) still change their skincare products regularly looking for the right solutions for their needs.


Ageing comes with countless changes to our bodies, but one change above all others remains the most dramatic: the perimenopause. In our research, we found that almost three quarters (72%) of women feel intimidated by the perimenopause. Less than a third (29%) of women in their forties feel knowledgeable about perimenopause, with less than half (43%) saying they know where to seek information. 

Learn more about our efforts to raise awareness of the perimenopause and menopause in our TLI Report.

TLI report

Skin health

In our research, an overwhelming 72% of all women polled said they want to focus on looking healthy rather than young as a result of the pandemic. Many women ditched make-up while working from home, and that’s made us a lot more aware of our skin’s condition and we’ve been taking a lot more care of it as a result. Women are really starting to understand the importance of looking after their body’s vital natural first line of defence.


This is an existing trend that is set to continue because the pandemic and economic issues have made us more cost conscious and value driven. In our research, half (51%) the women polled said they use multi-purpose skincare products that deliver more than one benefit in their routine. We’re looking for those concentrated formulas that give us the best bang for our buck, not only in terms of money but also benefits. 

Science-led products

We’re now all far more educated and savvier about the power of science. Consumers are used to challenging companies to deliver on scientifically proven benefits, as our research also shows that almost two thirds of women (64%) choose to use products that have been scientifically proven. We’re going to see women look for products that have the goods to back up what they promise to do. That will come in the form of an increased number of clinical trials and on claims to demonstrate a product’s ability to deliver.

Supercharging skin 

In our research, 59% of women polled said they choose to use products with smart formulas that can boost their body’s natural process. This is evident in the recent increased interest in the power of collagen in supercharging your skin and giving it that much-coveted plumpness. Exclusively at Avon, Protinol™ restores years of collagen loss by giving a dual boost of collagen 1 and 3 – also known as ‘baby collagen’ as it’s the secret behind baby skin’s bouncy plumpness.

ANEW Renewal Power Serum

Over two thirds (70%) of women prefer skincare products that have a gentler formula, and say they avoid skincare products that can have harsh side effects, even if they deliver fast results.

ANEW Renewal Power Serum is powered by Avon’s world exclusive Protinol™ technology, which helps to restore 7 years of collagen loss in just 7 days for dramatically firmer, smoother, healthier and more radiant looking skin, and at irresistible value. What’s more, it is proven to smooth lines and firm skin - and without the irritation that some Retinol users experience.

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