Avon Life Colour

Our exclusive fragrance collaboration with iconic fashion designer Kenzo Takada

Avon Life Colour builds on the success of the first fragrance Avon created with the acclaimed designer, which was introduced in 2016: Avon Life.  

In Avon Life Colour, Magnolia is in the heart of both the for her and for him fragrance, and is responsible for bringing a citrus tone. Every ingredient in Avon Life Colour was handpicked by Kenzo Takada. In the For Her fragrance Kenzo Takada worked together with perfumers Frank Voelkl and Dora Baghriche to create an uplifting and radiant experience based on Takada’s joy of living. In the For Him fragrance, Kenzo Takada worked with perfumers Olivier Cresp and Pierre Negrin to create a complimentary masculine fragrance.

“The goal was to create a fragrance that reflected my personality and the colours that have inspired my career and helped me break the rules of fashion. I want people to feel inspired to make the most out of every day by bringing a fresh, young and energetic fragrance that can be worn anytime.”

Kenzo Takada

The launch in Paris

To mark the launch of Avon Life Colour, we hosted a Fashion Week ‘take over’, complete with a surprise flash mob in front of the Eiffel Tower, and a vibrant launch party.

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When fragrance and fashion combine

Our very own Michele Van Dien, from the Avon Innovation Centre, talks about inspiring collaborations between fashion and fragrance over on the innovation blog.

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