Insights | Jan 31, 2020

Results so good, we didn't believe it

The power the Protinol

Nothing fuels a scientist more than an inexplicable finding. The subsequent drive to explain a seemingly incredible phenomenon requires us to put a new lens on the world, creating new possibilities and changing paradigms! I remember sharing the early on evidence that Protinol may be our next big active ingredient with Louise Scott, our Chief Scientific Officer and she couldn’t believe it. So as scientists do, we put it to the test and quite honestly, we were all stunned at the results it delivered. Our testing showed never before seen results on sagging, firming and wrinkles. This initial study triggered a journey to discover the true power of Protinol™. Our early research showed it can also counteract inflammatory responses in skin – this action, in combination with the findings of our initial clinical trial is something very few single, if any, skincare ingredients can do.

We asked Dr Bayat, at the University to Manchester to independently test Protinol™ and help us decode how it was creating such amazing results. Dr Bayat and his team are world-leading skin scientists and have access to the most sophisticated testing equipment available. He came back to us equally amazed, and explained that our new ingredient, was doing something that his team had never seen from a topical treatment before. Opening the door to understanding such profound results. Protinol™ had the ability to not only stimulate an increase in levels of collagen 3, or ‘baby’ collagen as it’s affectionately termed but it was also changing the ratio of collagen III to collagen I to bring skin closer to how it functions in a baby.

To truly appreciate the magnitude of this finding, we need a little background on collagen in the skin. The skin is comprised of predominantly two types of collagen: collagen 1 and collagen 3. Together, they make up 80% of our skin’s structure, and are a key factor in defining the physical properties of our skin with collagen III being the matrix that collagen I binds to. From childhood, we start to lose the optimum ratio of collagen 1 and collagen 3, which results in the changes we can see and feel in our skin as we reach maturity and age. With Dr Bayat’s finding’s that Protinol™ can topically improve both critical types of collagen, bringing them closer to baby skin, we have begun the next generation of skincare.

This is why Protinol™ is so exciting. It can stimulate the production of the best quality collagen, while being kind to your skin and we continue to find impressive results as our research programs continue. For example, our testing shows that Protinol™ stays in the skin for longer than other ingredients which can potentially help results last longer.

Avon has been leading the way in skincare innovation for decades, but this discovery is so powerful it has potential to revolutionise the whole industry. I’ve worked in skincare for over twenty years and I can truly say Protinol is the most exciting discovery of my career. The sort of discovery that scientists live for.